Solar Mason Jar Chandelier, Mason Jar Hanging Chandelier, Candles Garden Country Barn Rustic Wedding Original Mason Jar Solar Light Design #kronleuchterauseinmachgläsern
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Solar Mason Jar Chandelier, Mason Jar Hanging Chandelier, Candles Garden Country Barn Rustic Wedding Original Mason Jar Solar Light Design #kronleuchterauseinmachgläsern

RESERVED Solar Mason Jar Chandelier Mason Jar by treasureagain, $140.00

Mason Jar Solar Lights™ Chandelier, Outdoor Lights, Original Design **Mason Jar Chandelier with 6 Blue Antique Mason Ball Jars, Silver Jar Basket, & Silver Mason Jar Solar Light Lids, makes an original outdoor chandelier. I've designed it so that it is sturdy and supported with the chain and handles wired secure. These solar lights are to be used outdoors, since they need direct outside sunlight, to charge. The lights will NOT charge indoors.***Rain tolerant and can be left outside. Chain has a handy hook on top, so that it can be lifted down during strong winds or bad storms. ***{ INFO-Please read full Details}*** Years ago I designed a chandelier like this with electric lights, for a barn party. Since then I have sold different versions. This chandelier has my handmade Mason Jar Solar Light Lids™ that twist on to the antique jars. *Additional Mason Jar Solar Lids information here: These lights are pretty for an outdoor wedding, party, to be hung in your garden, or set on your patio table to add some charm. Surprise everyone on a special occasion, by placing the set in the outdoor sun during the day, to charge the lights, and then hang it from a tree, near your event, at night. It's great to use in special places where you don't have electricity. Many uses and options for this Antique Mason Jars Chandelier! Here are a few: 1) Candelabra- for a wedding or special event: Twist off the Solar Light lids and add candles or battery operated tea lights to the jars instead. Example shown in 4th photo. 2) Indoors- During extreme weather conditions, bring it indoors, twist off the solar light lids & add a string of mini lights. Brighten your indoor decor! Example shown in last photo. Can be found here: 3) Centerpiece- For a special event or centerpiece, remove the lights and use it as a flower arranger. More of those available here: **A KIND Etsy customer wrote this about the Solar Light Chandelier she purchased from me: "I have it hanging outside and I love, love, love it! Thank you so much for the wonderful idea to make ordinary, extraordinary!" A Variety of Mason Jar Chandeliers I create: Solar Jars Variety: Solar LIDS Variety: *********************************************************** { ITEMS YOU WILL RECEIVE } *6 antique QUART Blue Mason Jars *Jar Basket- silver *Chain to hold chandelier with top hook- silver *6 Solar Lids that twist onto the jars, including battery & clear reflective globes { DIMENSIONS } Jars- 7 in tall x 3.5 in wide at bottom Caddy-12"across, 12"high 24" from top hook to base of chandelier Weight- about 10 to 11 Pounds { SHIPPING } USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business day delivery) or Parcel Post (2-9 day business day delivery after order is shipped) Depending on your location. Insurance added. I charge actual shipping costs, which depend on your location. I refund overage of $1 or more. **I usually ship orders within a couple of days, but allow a week with chandeliers, once I receive notice of payment. (If you need it shipped by a certain date, let me know & I will work with you!) I gladly combine shipping whenever possible! *If this listing is sold out, please contact me for a custom order. **Each Chandelier may vary a bit, since I am using antique jars. The jars show age, since they have been used for canning food over the years. *Note, solar lights work best if they get at least 8 hours of direct sunlight daily to charge the battery. LIGHTS ARE AUTOMATIC and don't require your turning a switch on and off. ************************************************************ FEEDBACK from another Kind Customer: "I have hung the chandelier under my gazebo and have gotten so many compliments. It is fabulous." ********************************************************** Answers to common questions about Solar LIDS ©treasureagain: *********************************************************** *SOLAR LIGHTS WILL NOT CHARGE INDOORS. *Place outside in FULL direct sun. *The Solar light is automatic. Lights at dusk & runs until sun charge runs low. *Rain tolerant and designed to be left outside. Not just glued! *The solar lids twist onto the jar securely! *Brightness & Shine time depends on amount of outdoor sun/charge received. *Summer night shine approx 6-8 hours,Winter 2-3 hours due to suns intensity *Lights need to charge outside in full sun before getting the full affect. *Replacement Rechargeable Solar Ni-Cd Batteries in hardware stores or online. *If experience dim light, the lids need more outside sunlight to charge. *I include instructions. *Clear inner globe is optional & can be removed if desired. *If used indoors, lights have to be placed back OUTSIDE to get recharged. *Place in an area with NO obstructions overhead. If placed in filtered light (shade,trees, shadows,covered porch,etc..) they will be less effective. *Remember this EASY TIP.........These are SOLAR lights, and need sunlight to charge. The more light you give them, the longer they will shine.** ********************************************************** I wrote this list to provide helpful tips and answers to questions. I've compiled this list over time, as I've experimented with the lights in my own garden. When you see my personal list & knockoffs of my designs elsewhere, it was copied from here. *Please....Create your own designs and don't copy mine. ************************************************************ ©2010-CURRENT, treasureagain ORIGINAL Mason Jar designs: Facebook: Pinterest:


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